Tuesday, August 16, 2011

God's Healing and Other Reasons to Praise!

I am so thankful for the peace and joy that has kept my heart and mind at rest these last few weeks of waiting. On August 12th, I waited at the hospital for the nurse to call my name to go back to be prepared for a total mastectomy. David's sister, Beverly, from Colorado Springs had flown out to be with us. Three wonderful ladies from the Amherst Nazarene Church also joined us at the hospital. I was taken into surgery earlier than expected since my surgeon was ahead of schedule. After delivering me to the recovery room, Dr. Lindfield reported to David and the others who were waiting that the lymph node biopsy did not show any cancer cells! This was the best news we could have heard! I stayed the night in the hospital in a very comfy bed with an attentive nurse to make sure I was not in pain. David stayed with me in a very "un-comfy" bed that he made with 3 very straight chairs. L I was discharged the next morning and feel stronger every day! I will return to see the surgeon on Thursday to hear the results of the tumor pathology report and to possibly have my drain removed. As the pathology reports come in, we will be informed of the options regarding further treatment; please continue to pray for us as we make these decisions. We are so thankful for God's healing touch in my life and so very thankful for each of you who have held us up in prayer! 

"...yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will be joyful in God my Savior. 
The Sovereign LORD is my strength; 
he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to go on the heights." 
Habakkuk 3:18-19

The weekend before surgery, our family was able to gather together at my parents' farm in Michigan. We drove with Joel and Bekah and the girls from Buffalo; Jeffrey drove down from Ionia; and Wesley flew in from Montana. You can see some pictures of our time together on an earlier blog if you click here.

We were so excited to hear news from home in Vanuatu! Skype makes it possible for us to see and hear our partners! Peter and Jenny reported to us that their friend, Pastor Knox from PNG, flew to Vanuatu with his wife and visited our churches in Port Vila. The pastor from Bundaberg, Australia, was also visiting during that time. The two pastors preached to a special gathering of all the Nazarene Churches with an incredible response from all those who had come together. Then, the two pastors met with all the church leaders for a day of discipleship and holiness teaching. Pastor Peter said that everyone was challenged by what they heard and was praying and seeking God.

Jeffrey graduated from his aviation technology program the same day I had my surgery. Today, he completed the written portion of the second Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) exam that focuses on the engine of the plane. He has already passed the first exam which focused on repair of the structure of the plane. Tomorrow morning he will complete the oral and practical exam. Then he will be looking for a job where he can get experience as an airplane mechanic. Praise the Lord for his faithfulness to Jeffrey in completing the program and these important exams!

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