Friday, August 12, 2011

Family Time on the Farm

Potter family with Sylvia's parents who hosted our gathering at their farm in Michigan.
Blueberry picking
 We thank the Lord for the days our family had together in Michigan.  David and Sylvia drove with Joel and Bekah and girls from Buffalo, NY - a 10 hour trip.  Jeffrey only lives an hour north in Grand Rapids, but because he is still finishing up his classes at SMAT, he had to drive back and forth to school each day.  He was able to be with us on the weekend and in the evenings.  Wesley flew over from Laurel, MT, where he has been helping to build a house with James Johnson this summer.  Jeffrey's friend, Kristin, came for the weekend.  And, our niece, Lydia, from Denver, CO, was also with us! 

This is a picture story of our time together!
Sylvia and Dora were very keen at finding the bluest berries!

A trip to the "swamp" to see the pond and have a stroll through the woods.
Wild black raspberries we ate in the swamp.

Feeding Grandpa Great's chickens.

Sylvia petting Kristin's hedgehog, Sasha.

Dora's favorite way to travel around the farm.


Grandpa Great taking us for a ride in the cart behind the tractor.

The weather was very nice for our visit with Sylvia's brother, Phillip, and family.

The golden rod is in bloom.


Sylvia helping locate some squash.
Harvesting with Grandpa Great!

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