Sunday, October 10, 2010

Play His Praise on a Grand Piano!

MK piano duet at the Grand Hotel in Port Vila, Vanuatu

Jennifer performing with Iririki Island Resort in the background.
Tonight we had the privilege of attending the piano and flute recital for two high school MK's who live here in Port Vila. Tiffany and Jennifer moved to Port Vila from Australia about 2 years ago.  About that same time Galia, a talented Bulgarian woman who has a degree in classical music performance, also moved here.  For the past year Galia has been teaching these two MK's, and tonight they gave a recital at the Grand Hotel.  The Grand Hotel has a gorgeous grand piano situated in the main dining room with large glass windows all around that look out onto the harbor and Iririki Island Resort.  It was a most classy event!  Something that we don't get to enjoy very often!  They performed two piano duets - Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 by Franz Liszt and I Love a Piano by Irving Berlin.  Tiffany presented two flute pieces - the finale being Concertino for Flute and Piano Op. 107 by Cecile Chaminade.  Jennifer beautifully performed Allegro from Sonata K 333 by Mozart.  We enjoyed pieces by Debussy, Bach, Chopin, and several others.  As we sat and enjoyed the beauty, we gave praise to God for this rare musical treat!
Just behind Tiffany to the right you can see the cruise ship heading out of the harbor as she performed the final piece.
"Sing to Him a new song; Play his praise on a grand piano!"
Psalm 33:3, NIV and The Message

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  1. Just as you said it was a rare treat to enjoy Classical music in our amazingly beautiful country! :) Thanks for your post on this too! :)