Sunday, October 10, 2010

Anyone Want to Adopt a Puppy!

L to R: Brown Socks, Babe, Rex, Princess and Growly
Ginger with her pups at one month old

The little Princess
Two months ago our dog Ginger gave birth to 5 puppies.  This was our first time to take care of puppies since the only other dog that we've had was a male.  Four of the puppies grew real well, but we had one runt who struggled along for about 3-4 weeks and came to the place where if we didn't intervene, he would die.  Sylvia decided to try feeding him milk from a small saline nose spray bottle that had a tip on it about the right size.  Little Babe took to it quite well and gained strength enough to nurse from Ginger and then to start eating puppy food.  He's still half the size of the rest of his brothers and sister, but strong and healthy.

The puppies have provided us lots of laughs as we've watched them play and wrestle with each other.  Each of them has a unique personality just like kids.  Puppies have a way of making you feel like you're the most important person in the world.  When we open the back door, they all come running to meet us, squirming and wiggling hoping for a little scratch on the head or a bit of roughing up.  This is the week that they are to be adopted out.  We'd love to keep them all, but keeping them fed is a pretty expensive venture. 

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  1. I was just browsing and found the puppies. How cute they are. We raised Maltese for 12 years and miss having a dog and puppies. Wish I could adopt little princess. Hope you found good homes for all of them. We pray for you and sure enjoy your posts. Also praying for baby Sylvia, her twin Dora and parents. It is wonderful they found the problem while she is still so young. I could be interesting to see her learn to crawl with the cast but that may not be possible. This will be a challenge and I know God will help them in every detail.LOL!