Thursday, June 11, 2015

Water Wells, Pumps and Things

We don't have very many pictures to share of the continuing relief efforts, but we wanted to pass along the news that we've heard of how the disaster relief efforts have continued.  Pastor Peter Isaac with the District Advisory Board for the Church of the Nazarene continue to assess the needs and make plans for how best to help.

In mid-April, Youth With a Mission in Vanuatu (YWAM) was contacted and plans were made to dig wells in two of our church communities where clean water was not easily accessible.  YWAM has developed a technique for drilling wells by hand and then attaching a pump to provide clean water for communities.

 Pastor Peter reported in April that 500-600 people will benefit from the new wells and pumps in Black Sand and Prima communities.

Along with the new well, YWAM also provided water filter buckets so that the water can be further purified for drinking.

At the end of April, Peter e-mailed us to say, "On Sunday we were dedicating the water pump at Prima. All the community were witnessing the opening with YWAM members. And some of the elderly people among the YWAM team were convinced to put up our church building again. Yesterday they started working and the project is underway now."

There was lots of work still being done throughout the month of May.  Peter reported that a team of nine people including five YWAM volunteers went by boat to Tanna with tarps, chain saw, roofing irons, lumber, and nails to help with re-building.  They also took many 50 pound bags of rice and cartons of canned fish to help with food relief.  Pastor Gideon remained longer to help build the first Nazarene Church and baptize eight new believers!

Another Nazarene/YWAM team sailed south to the island of Aniwa to distribute food and to witness.

In addition, tarps, bags of rice, and cartons of canned fish have been sent to six different areas.

At the end of May, the Nazarene congregations in Port Vila came together and contributed a generous offering for their brothers and sisters in Nepal who are facing a huge disaster.  

It has now been nearly three months since Cyclone Pam devastated the islands of Vanuatu.  It usually takes about 3-6 months for cassava to be ready for harvest, so we are hopeful that the gardens will begin to provide for the food needs of the people.  We have heard reports from various people in Vanuatu that the food market in Port Vila is beginning to have more fresh garden produce available.

Thank you for your prayers for Pastors Peter and Jenny as they lead the pastos and leaders in the Church of the Nazarene in Vanuatu.

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