Friday, January 27, 2012

A Vehicle for Our Work

We asked you all to pray about our need for a vehicle here in Port Vila and God has been guiding us.  For the past 2 weeks, we have been getting lots of rain.  The road that turns down the hill toward our subdivision has become a muddy mess.  The Lord helped us realize that the van that we were considering would not be a good choice. Without 4-wheel drive, it is impossible to get back up the hill.  So, we narrowed our search to a 4WD vehicle.  

Last Sunday, a friend of ours informed us of a 4WD truck that an American missionary (Terri) was wanting to sell for 700,000vt, the exact amount that we could spend!  We checked it out on Monday and were very pleased with how the truck drove and that it only had 50,000km on the odometer!  It had only been on the rough roads of Vanuatu for a short time since it had been imported from overseas.  But, there were some things that had to be worked out regarding the registration before we could consider purchasing it.  They seemed like insurmountable barriers so we prayed and asked the Lord to work it out so that He would be glorified.   

Last night, the registration was signed over to the missionary making it possible for us to buy the truck.  In the process of working out the registration, family relationships that had been broken were reconciled.  Praise God!  Before she sells the truck to us,  Terri wants to be able to purchase another smaller vehicle to take the truck’s place.  Her search today has made her realize that vehicles in Port Vila are expensive, even ones that are not running!   

The Lord has done so much this week to show he has heard our prayers!  Please join us in praying that our new friend, Terri, will locate a vehicle that meets her needs and her price range.  Whether or not it works out for us to buy her truck, we continue to trust the Lord to provide for our transportation needs. 

Next Monday, Sylvia begins teaching a class for SPNTC which will meet every evening for 2 weeks.  Having a vehicle would be a huge convenience!  She is excited that at least 10 students have signed up to take Old Testament Survey.  Pray that the Lord will make the course a life-transforming experience for each student.

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