Friday, November 27, 2009

In the Footsteps of the Apostle Paul

Imagine trying to teach the thirteen letters of Paul in a 30 hour block course! And then, add to that the fact that you've never taught it before. It goes without saying that it was challenging, but absolutely rewarding! I (Sylvia) was so impressed with the six students that faced the challenge with me. We met for three hours every evening for two weeks and five hours on the Saturday between the two weeks. WE learned SO much! We learned about Paul's conversion, his missionary travels, when and where he was when he wrote each letter, and what he was trying to communicate to those who received the letter. I personally was challenged by Paul's fervor and unquenchable desire to share God's love and the message of Christ while facing persecution at almost every turn. One of my (and I think everyone's) favorite parts of each class was singing the song that helped the students to learn the names and order of the thirteen letters, as well as the other books of the New Testatment. I was driving with Pastor Kidhly a few weeks later and overheard him singing the song! I thank the Lord for his help in preparing this course and for the strength and wisdom for teaching each day. What a privilege and joy! (In the photo L to R: William, Austin, Daniel, Mary, and Esther. Pastor Kidhly missed getting in this shot.)

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