Friday, May 8, 2009

Way to Go! Idaho!

Springtime in Idaho has not been a disappointment! Nor have the fantastic churches that we've visited during our tour of the Intermountain District! It has been great to get acquainted with our 'family' in these warm and loving churches. The connections we've made with old friends and new has been a great encouragement to us. The first Sunday here, we drove out to Harney County, Oregon, and then up to John Day! On our way back to Idaho we took the scenic, mountain bypass and drove through a winter wonderland!

After speaking in the Twin Falls area on Sunday we took Monday morning to explore some of the beauty in that part of the state. We drove just a short distance out of town to the Shoshone Falls and were overwhelmed with what we saw! The beauty was indescribable!

We are so thankful for the cozy little cottage that the Witt's have allowed us to stay in while we have been in Idaho. And, the truck loaned to us by another generous Idaho Nazarene has been a huge blessing as we've trekked across this district!

Next stop....Sylvia's GRADUATION!