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October 2007: Potter Family News (Oct8/07)

Through your prayers and the power of God, the 40 foot container that carried all the building materials for our home was delivered duty and tax free.  There is no other explanation except that God heard our prayers and answered with a miracle.  We praise Him!

a joy it was for us when our sons, Jeffrey and Wesley, arrived near the end of May to assist us in our work here in Vanuatu.  Jeffrey joined up with a team of young men near the Black Sands church who played soccer.  He endeavored to show the love of Christ in authentic ways through the opportunities that God opened up.

Wesley made special effort to connect with the young people at Malapoa.  He was involved in the music group again and participated in the weekly NYI service.  He was able to encourage many of the young people that he had come to know as brothers and sisters when he lived here.

We are thankful for the help and support of many who have come to help us throughout these last 6 months.  Scot Riggins, our Field Accountant, came to help Sylvia by auditing the mission's financial books and giving some extra training.

Our Field Strategy Coordinator James and Joy Johnson came the first of July to help us get ready for the Work and Witness teams.  While they were here we hosted the first Pastor's and Wives Retreat and the Johnson's were our speakers.  They were both a tremendous support to us with James' knowledge of construction and Joy's experience in caring for W&W teams.  With James' help in organizing and directing the construction work, the footings for the house were all completed before the first W&W team from Arlington, Texas, arrived on July 10th. They remained with us to help in the construction until after the second team arrived and had gotten established in their work.  We are thankful for the opportunity Jeffrey and Wesley had to work alongside their Uncle Jim, learning many new skills.  The boys were able to help finish the roof of the house before they returned to the States at the end of July.

We are so grateful for the generosity of both of these two teams, the second one coming from Kennewick, Washington.  Not only did they do massive amounts of construction on our home, but they partnered with us in reaching out to the people in Vanuatu.  Both teams were involved in what we call Pikinini Club (Vacation Bible School.) Arlington team ministered to the kids near our newest Nazarene Church at Black Sand.  The Kennewick team canvassed the neighborhood of Malapoa and invited everyone they could find to come to the Pikinini Club at our first Nazarene Church.  Both teams had a powerful impact in the lives of the children and the adults that came to watch.

The Jesus Film was shown at Black Sand following the Pikinini Club with a good turnout of people from the community.  Spiritual battle had to be fought through prayer as the generator failed and the speakers blew a fuse.  We rejoice in the power of God that enabled the entire life of Christ to be seen and heard that evening by all who attended.

The Kennewick women provided a sewing class where they taught women from our churches and surrounding communities how to make a men's button-up shirt.  One of the ladies who attended the class reported last Sunday that she has since been able to make 25 shirts and help support her family.

After the two W&W teams left, two volunteer couples, one from Australia and one from the States, came to continue the work on the house.  We are so grateful for Don and Ruth Howie who completed the electrical work, and Max and Patty Huff who finished the inside plumbing.  Not only did they work on the house, but they shared themselves with the people of Vanuatu, Sylvia, Jenny, and 6 ladies from Vanuatu attended the International Women's Convention in Port Moresby, PNG. Over 800 women from PNG, Solomon Islands, Australia and Vanuatu attended this biennial event.  Keynote speaker and former Nazarene missionary to Russia, Rev. Carla Sunberg, challenged us to be holy women of God.  Inspiring workshops were held morning and afternoon on topics such as marriage and family, stewardship, and women in ministry.  Wednesday afternoon the convention attendees participated in service projects throughout.

We praise the Lord for his faithfulness in blessing this convention and for his protection over all those who were traveling.

David has appreciated the help of our partners, Revs. Peter and Jenny Isaac, in teaching courses for the Vanuatu extension of South Pacific Nazarene Theological College.  These are classes taught to prepare men and women to pastor or to be strong leaders in their local churches.  We are thankful for men and women who are faithfully attending these classes and for their current participation in the work of the church.

On the 30th of this month, the Nazarene churches of Vanuatu will hold their first-ever District Assembly.  We are excited to welcome General Superintendent Jesse Middendorf and his wife, Susan, and our regional and field leaders to this momentous event.  Thank you for praying for the Lord's Spirit to be poured out upon us as we look forward to what the Lord wants to do through his church in Vanuatu.

We would be remiss if we did not mention how much we have appreciated all of you as you have faithfully written notes and e-mails and sent cards to encourage us throughout these months.  You have been a blessing to us!  We wholeheartedly thank our LINKS district, Central Ohio, who have lavished gifts and cards on us and have cared for our two boys in college at MVNU as well.  We appreciate you more than we could ever say!  We could never do what we do if it weren't for you who hold us up in prayer.

Your partners in God's Kingdom,

David and Sylvia Potter

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