A Few of Our Favorite Things...

For our LINKS churches especially, but for anyone who is interested, we thought we would share a list of some of the "things" we miss while we are here in Vanuatu. Of course, you know what we miss the most is being with family and friends like you! We've lived overseas for more than 20 years and have gotten used to waiting until we got back to America to enjoy the things we can't buy here.  But, here's a few of our favorite (usually unavailable) things...
  • Individual flavored drink packets preferably sweetened with "Stevia" or Splenda - favorite flavors: lemonade, raspberry lemonade, cherry limeade
  • Semi-sweet chocolate chips 
In case you decided you wanted to send one of those special favorites to us in the mail, just mark that it is "Not for Resale" on the custom's declaration slip and send it to:

David and Sylvia Potter
P.O. Box 2047
Port Vila
Southwest Pacific

Sipping coconuts is one of our favorite things in Vanuatu!

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