2017 Home Assignment Schedule

In just a few months we will be returning to the USA for home assignment. Home assignment is our chance to share what’s been happening in Vanuatu and to encourage the Nazarene Churches at “home” to continue their faithful partnership and to teach and inform about ways to get involved.  It is also our chance to meet with people who are wanting to participate in the work on a more personal level through prayer or financial support or possibly through volunteering.  

Please consider inviting us to speak at your church or to share in your small group meeting.  We particularly enjoy speaking where we already have interested partners like you.  

We will be in the States April 2nd through July 30th, 2017.  Here is our schedule so far:

Scheduled meetings for 2017:

April 2 - Available
April 9-30 - Michigan District Tour
May 2-13 - Iowa District Tour
May 14-27 - Vacation
May 28 - June 9 - Metro New York District Tour
June 11 AM  - Brunswick, OH, Church of the Nazarene
June 11 PM - Available
June 18 AM - Liberty, MO Church of the Nazarene 
June 19 -20 - Missionary meeting in Indianapolis, IN
June 21-28 - General Assembly, Indianapolis, IN
July 1-15 - Vacation
July 18 AM and PM- Available in San Diego
July 23 AM / PM - Available in California
July 30 AM - Napa, CA, Living Vine Church of the Nazarene
July 30 PM - Available 

If you would like for us to connect with your church during our home assignment, please contact us by clicking the button below: