Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hundreds Attend Outdoor Revival Weekend

Black Sand Nazarene church members who helped to set-up for the outdoor revival.

God provided beautiful weather for the first revival crusade organized by the Vanuatu Nazarene Evangelism Team to be held in the Black Sand area of Port Vila.  Seven years earlier a Work and Witness team from the USA assisted in showing the Jesus Film in this very same location.  We had faced many technical challenges with our equipment at that time, and again there were many difficulties to be overcome!  The Black Sand Nazarene Church had no electricty to offer for the outdoor campaign, and when Pastor Gideon asked another family who did have electricity, they said it would cost at least $100 for the 3 nights!  The Lord provided the power necessary to run some lights and keyboard and speakers through another pastor who also lived in the Black Sand area.

Many people from the community came each night to the services.  We could count more than 100 the first night, but we knew there were many more who stood in the shadows or behind fences or stayed in their homes nearby listening to the messages that proclaimed the good news that our lives can change through the power of Jesus Christ living in us.  Each night more than fifty people came forward during the invitation to pray, and more than 75 people came forward on Sunday night to ask Jesus to forgive them and come into their hearts for the first time, in addition to more than 50 who came forward to pray about other concerns.  Many of the people who came to the revival services, would never step foot inside a church.  Sylvia prayed with one lady on Saturday night who told her that she wanted to come to our church for a long time, but didn't feel like she could.  She prayed for God to forgive her and to come into her life.  The next morning she and her three children came and worshiped at Black Sand Nazarene Church!

Pastor Peter Isaac, District Superintendent of the Church of the Nazarene in Vanuatu, shared how excited he was to see the great step forward in maturity evidenced by the Vanuatu Nazarene Evangelism Team.  This is the first time that anyone other than Nazarene missionaries have organized such an event for the Church of the Nazarene.

More than 250 people came to listen on Sunday night,
but many more were in the shadows.
We praise the Lord for those who have been rescued from the dominion of darkness and have been brought into the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ!  Please continue to pray for the Evangelism Team as they prepare to hold a crusade near the Eluklom Nazarene Church in December.  Please pray that many people will be saved from their sin and will be brought into the fellowship of the body of Christ where they can be encouraged and discipled in their new life of faith.

"Be olgeta we oli glad long hem [Jisas], mo oli bilif long hem, hem i givim raet long olgeta blong oli kam pikinini blong God."  
Jon 1:12, Baebol long Bislama

"But whoever did want him [Jesus], who believed he was who he claimed and would do what he said, He made to be their true selves, 
their child-of-God selves."  
John 1:12, The Message


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