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April Children's Sunday School Camp

Children's Sunday School Camp 2014
Some of you may have read our blog Milestone of Discipleship that told the story about a young girl named Susie.  She was the first girl to attend the Sunday School that we started when we first arrived in Vanuatu in 2003.  It is a great thrill to see the children growing up in the church and beginning to participate in ministry as they mature in their relationship with Christ!

Susie and Rona are two of those “children” who took part in a children’s day camp in April.  This was the first time that the Sunday School teachers planned and conducted a camp for the children of the Nazarene churches in Port Vila.  Sylvia helped to guide the teachers as they chose the theme, materials, and activities for the camp.  She also helped them to develop a budget and plan for the financing.  The “bottom line” figure seemed impossible, but working together they found ways to meet the need. 

Behind the screen with Rona and Susie and Abu Man and Rachel
Over 85 children plus 18 adults gathered at the Scripture Union campsite on Pango Point from the five Nazarene Sunday Schools in Port Vila for a fun day of worship, learning, and games.  The children learned about King David when he was a boy and how God used him to save the nation of Israel.  Three of the Sunday School teachers taught the lessons.  We had some fun games and even made a simple craft.  Susie and Rona’s part in the program was to present a puppet skit.  The children listened and watched with amazement as the two puppets, Abu Man and Rachel, sang and talked and taught the children about God’s plan of salvation.  
Watching the puppet show

We praise the Lord for kids like Susie and Rona who are becoming Christlike disciples who make disciples!

We sang and worshiped the Lord!

Anna was able to participate in the camp too!  It made her smile!

The children had a chance to go to the beach to collect 5 small stones.

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