Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sharing the Bread and the Cup

Today was “World-Wide Communion Sunday” and it was a joy to celebrate communion with our Black Sand Church family.  There were at least 22 children in church today with about 15 or so adults.  Pastor John taught a chart lesson on communion for the sermon, and David led the communion service itself.  Pastor John did a good job of helping us in the congregation to understand the significance of Christ’s sacrifice and the memorial meal that reminds us of that sacrifice.  As David led the taking of the communion, Pastor John distributed the elements.  It was his first time to do that.  It was a bit exciting to watch him take another step toward becoming the pastor of this congregation. 

September 2008 - Anna in hospital in Sydney, Australia, with her mom and
Nazarene friends who cared for her and her mom during their month stay.
There is a little girl in our congregation who we’ve known for about 5 years.  We first met Anna at Vila Central Hospital watching as she writhed in pain from burns that covered most of her body, the consequence of a candle left burning in the house where she slept. 
Her life was spared, but she lost her toes and because of a lack of care, her legs became contracted as the burns healed.  She is unable to walk, but has a little wheelchair that helps her get around.  Her disabilities have made life for her very difficult, and the trauma has left emotional scars.  She has been coming to Sunday School and church consistently for several months along with her sisters and other cousins.  We haven’t really seen her participate in any activity, until today.

Anna with her auntie Janet

Makfin, one of the teachers for our children’s Sunday School, was sitting behind Anna on the mat.  As Pastor John distributed the bread, he served Makfin and some of the other children around Anna, but missed her, accidently.  Makfin took a bit of her bread and gave it to Anna who held it in her hand.  She didn’t eat the bread when we were led to do so, but just continued her quiet way of looking around.  When the cups of juice were being distributed, Makfin took one for Anna and gave it to her.  Again, it seemed she missed her cue to drink the juice, but she was obviously observing what others were doing.  Makfin leaned forward and spoke quietly to Anna about the cup and the bread.  Slowly, Anna placed the bread in her mouth and then sipped the cup of juice.  I almost broke into applause (and tears) as I watched Anna take part for the first time in corporate worship.  It was a blessing to witness Makfin’s care and concern for little Anna, and also to know that Anna participated in this important and beautiful means of grace.

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