Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Few Highlights from Home Assignment 2013

After ten long months, we are finally breaking the silence with a new post to our blog!  

We praise God for his strength and protection during our home assignment in the USA from April through June.  We traveled to 7 different states and spoke in over 40 churches during those 3 months.  We are thankful for the genuine interest and loving, supportive folks we met in all those churches. 

At the end of June, we were so glad for the privilege of attending the quadrennial assembly of the Church of the Nazarene in Indianapolis, Indiana, where we joined in worship with thousands of Nazarenes from around the world.  It was a special privilege to join in fellowship one afternoon with many of the Papua New Guinea friends who had made the long trip to attend the General Assembly. 

Along with the many other friends that we had the joy of sharing a meal with or meeting in the AP exhibit, it was a special delight to re-connect with several of the teachers who had spent a year or two in PNG serving in the MK school and helping to shape our three sons. 

First MK School teachers -
Bill and Connie Patrick
MK School teachers -
Ruth Kinnersley and Tami Hardesty-Jaynes
After the assembly, we took two of the PNG delegates with us to Sylvia’s parents’ farm in Michigan.  Mr. Wallace White Kintak is our dear friend from the College of Nursing.  White has been faithfully and wisely leading the college for over ten years now.  Rev. Peter Kui has been serving as the Officer in Charge at Melanesia Nazarene Bible College, and this was his first trip to the USA. Both White and Peter have experienced God’s protection through some difficult periods of persecution as they have served the Lord in PNG.  They re-told their stories for Sylvia’s family and some friends who had gathered at the farm one day. What an honor to know these godly men of faith and to know them as our brothers! 
David, Peter and White picking cherries
Peter and White "story-ing" with Sylvia's father and David

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