Wednesday, June 1, 2011

HA Chronicle #3 - The Long-Awaited Meeting

While Sylvia (Abu) was enjoying the conference, David continued driving toward Buffalo, with an ETA of Monday, April 4th.  She had some fears that Dora and Sylvia might be afraid of her since they had only known her via a computer screen.  The first morning after Abu's arrival in Buffalo, the girls met the 3 dimensional version somewhat cautiously.  The road-weary Grandpa arrived later in the afternoon.  It seemed from their quick acceptance of Grandpa that Dora and Sylvia liked him best, but with some patience on Abu's part, both girls have come to offer their love and attention equally to both of the adoring grandparents.  April 9th rolled around all to quickly and we bid farewell to drive to our first district tour in Pittsburgh District.  We are so blessed to have had these days to get acquainted!  It is very gratifying to hold these dear girls in our arms again,
reading stories,
taking walks,
and stacking blocks...
after months of aching to do all those things but needing to be content to only know them through Skype and Facebook.

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