Friday, August 27, 2010

Outreach to Tanna Part 3 of 3: Jehovah Jireh - The Lord Provides!

As Robert ran back to Lawangi, the rest of us who were not occupied with Kid’s Club or sports evangelism, prayed that God would give him strength and would help him find the missing equipment.  Robert is the father of the little baby that we prayed for during the first few days of our arrival on Tanna.  He had taken us to Karimasanga where his mother lived.  He had become a vital part of our team as he helped us carry the generator, speakers and other equipment to share the JESUS Film.  About an hour later, he returned, bathed in perspiration, with exactly what we were missing so that now we could show the JESUS Film!  We praised God that he had enabled Robert “to run and not grow weary” and had helped him to find just what was needed!

Jesus Film at Imarabu

Over 100 people sat beneath the banyan tree with their eyes fixed on Chief John’s TV screen seeing and hearing for the first time the message of Jesus Christ.  The film went past the 5 PM limit, but only 2 men left.  After the film two members of our team shared how Jesus had changed their lives, and many raised their hands indicating their desire to receive Jesus too. 

 The sun had gone down and it had become very dark, but one of the new believers, Sofie, opened her house for us to lead the new believers in understanding what it meant to have “new life” and how to grow as a Christian.  Her house was filled to capacity as we rejoiced and sang "Tok blong God i Gat Paoa" (God's Word Has Power).  Andrea, one of the YIM team shared that, “Even in the darkness of her house, I could tell they were all hungry and eager to hear God’s Word.  The Lord truly provided and opened doors when others kept trying to close them.  The Lord showed himself to us that day as Jehovah Jireh, the Lord provides!”

Sylvia with Elisabeth as she holds her new Bible and MegaVoice
Elisabeth was one of the women who gathered that night at Sofie’s house.  We had brought with us several copies of the recently published New Testament in the language of north Tanna along with some MegaVoices (a hand-held, solar-powered, audio Bible) supplied by our friends at SIL.  Elisabeth, who was from North Tanna, clutched the new MegaVoice in her hands and practiced touching the buttons to make sure she knew just how to make it work.  Can you imagine the joy of a new believer hearing the Bible spoken in her own native language for the first time?

Andrea, Louise, Lisa, and Sam (Louise's father) at Inapoas
The last village we visited was also a “custom village” and was closed to Christianity.  Pastor Gideon’s mother, Rehab, was from this village called Inapoas, and her daughter, Louise, was living there with her new husband.  Rehab is a dear Christian who lives in Port Vila.  She had been praying for a long time that we would be able to take the Gospel to her people.  Prayer was the key that opened the door to this village. 

David and Jimmy, one of Rehab's cousins

We saw the same eager response at Inapoas to the message of Jesus as we had witnessed at Imarabu and the other villages.  Many prayed to receive forgiveness and new life.  We saw visible changes in their faces; fear and apprehension was replaced by the peace and joy of knowing the Savior. 
Kids showing their salvation bracelets

 Who would care for all these precious new believers after we left Tanna?  Two of the villages had no church or pastor.  We had prayed that many would come to Christ through this outreach, and we also prayed and believed that God would raise up people to shepherd them after we returned to Port Vila.  Our God is faithful!

We praise God for Pastor Gideon’s brother Morrison from Lawangi who had been feeling led to gather the new Christians from his village and lead them in worship.  He is also visiting the new Christians in the other villages on a weekly basis to lead them in Bible study and to encourage them in their walk with Christ!

George, also from Lawangi, was another young man who had traveled with us to every village and had become a special part of our team.  After hearing about the pastoral training classes offered through South Pacific Nazarene Theological College, he asked if he could come to Port Vila for training.  We thank the Lord for his call in George's life; he arrived 2 weeks ago to take part in the next three SPNTC classes.
George on the far left riding in the truck

Please continue to pray for the new believers in Lawangi, Enkateli, Karimasanga, Imarabu, and Inapoas.  Pray that Isaiah's prophesy would be true for them as they learn to hope in the Lord and are strengthened by his Spirit.  Pray that they will be eager to tell others about the new life that they have received.  Pray that God will open the doors for us to return to Tanna as soon as possible to encourage and strengthen these followers.

“Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall;
but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary, 
they will walk and not faint.” 
Isaiah 40:30-31

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  1. Praying that these new disciples will be strengthened as they live as kingdom citizens and priests (Rev 5:10).