Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mission Trip to Aniwa

There are some very exciting things happening these next two weeks that we wanted to let you know about so that you can be praying with us.  On Tuesday morning, March 23rd, an international team of Nazarenes will be traveling to Aniwa, the island to the south of us where we have a Nazarene Church established.  Rev. Aseri and his wife, La, from the island of Kadavu in Fiji arrived yesterday.  Another five team members from the Nazarene Hospital mission station in Papua New Guinea will be arriving tomorrow afternoon.  Dr. Becky Morsch is coming to complete the Community Based Health Care teaching that she began about 16 months ago.  This time she is bringing Nazarene missionaries Dr. Susan Myers and Dr. Stephanie Doenges to do some additional health teaching.  Susan’s daughter, Jessica, and Priscilla Radcliffe, MK teens, will be coming to assist with Good News club for the children and friendship evangelism.  Rev. Peter Isaac and Sylvia will be flying with the team on Tuesday.  Rev. Aseri and Peter will be preaching in evangelistic services each evening and La is planning to minister to the children.  Sylvia will be assisting with translation when needed.  She will return with Dr. Susan, Dr. Stephanie, Jessica, and Priscilla on Saturday as Pastor Jenny flies to join the remainder of the team for a full week of ministry.  There will be lots going on and we would appreciate your prayers for these days.  David and Sylvia will be taking care of the Isaac boys during the second week while their parents are on Aniwa.

If you visit our Nazarene missionary website,, you can get better acquainted with the PNG team members that are arriving tomorrow.

We are so thankful for this opportunity to join together in ministry with our colleagues from across our two fields!  We are praying that God will use each of the team members as we reach out with the love and good news of Christ Jesus!

In case you haven’t heard, our twin granddaughters, Dora and Sylvia, are both at home now keeping their parents and Grandmama Kathy very busy with feedings and diaper changes.  Kathy will be returning to PNG in about a week, so please pray for safety during her flight.

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