Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Update on Dora and Sylvia

We wanted to share this e-mail update from Joel and Bekah about our little granddaughters.  Thank you so much for praying for them.  God is so faithful and loving to us!  We praise him!

Joel and Bekah said:
Things that happened today that we are grateful to God about:
  • Bekah came home this afternoon
  • Dora and Sylvia continue to have their bottle-feeding amount increased
  • The nurses said that Dora may be able to go without an IV in the next day or so
  • We were able to get a hospital grade electric breast pump today (on loan for as long as we need it) through WIC (Women Infant's and Children)
  • Lindsey (Noonen) McFadden (Bekah's friend from Mount Vernon) arrived this evening to help Bekah until her mom arrives Friday 
  • Bekah's mom was able to change her ticket and is arriving this Friday
  • We met with a friend from Bekah's previous place of employment (EPIC) at the hospital who educates new parents. She offered for Bekah to use her office space as a place to rest in the hospital between visits to Dora and Sylvia. She offered that we use the extra space in the office to set up a cot or blow-up twin mattress.  
Thank you for your prayers!

News update: We don't know when the babies will be able to come home or when Bekah will be able nurse. Right now we just have to take each day at a time. But the babies continue to progress: they are eating, pooping, and causing trouble (Dora took her IV off and lathered her hair in sugar water (She's fine, grandmas.)). Bekah will be going to the hospital each day to be with the babies. There are rooms in the NICU where Bekah can pump and the NICU is open to parents at all times.

  • Sylvia is under bilirubin lights for high bilirubin levels (jaundice) and Dora may have to soon.
  • Bekah is still recovering from her C-section.
  • Joel and Bekah are sad to be far away from the babies.
  • Joel is trying to keep up with teaching and classes.

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